smartflower™ is a revolutionary concept in solar energy. It's the first mobile plug-and-play photovoltaic system. Above all, it's an eye-catcher, combining modern technology with design.

When the sun rises, smartflower™ opens out into a large sunflower. The petals rotate slowly, following the position of the sun. With a solar- energy intake area of approx. 18 m2, smartflower™ converts all solar energy into electricity. When the sun sets, smartflower™ folds itself up again. Automatically ... day in, day out.

SMART TRACKING - smartflower™ follows the sun through GPS-controlled adjustments, even in cloudy weather.

SMART CLEANING - An innovative self-cleaning mechanism always keeps smartflower™ clean.

SMART SAFETY - Ingenious safety systems prevent all hazards in wind or fire.

Just set it up - simply plug in - and in no time, it's ready to go. Place the system wherever you want. If you move house, just take smartflower™ with you.

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